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PEAT - primary energy activation and transcendence. technique of the Serbian psychological psychologist Zhivorad Slavinsky (
Since 2008 - PEAT processing - the merging of polarities (studied personally by Zhivorad Slavinsky during his arrival in Moscow with seminar), since then there is extensive experience in merging polarities to other people, including complex cases. individual coaching sessions, which can last from 20 minutes to 5 hours depending on the severity of the problem. 2-3 hours on average
session up to 2 hours - 120$
2-3 hours - 148 $
5 hours - 190 $
and group seminars with individual sessions - 148 $- group of 3 people

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PEAT technique is simple and very effective in eliminating all kinds of discomfort, depression, pain, resentment, fears, phobias, problems, unnecessary memories, etc. It is universal to any situations that crumble like a house of cards when we remove the first card of a house of cards and it crumbles - we get to the primary polarities that create all the other illusions. And happens a solution of the fundamental problem of life - the basic illusion of separation, which each person has its own, its own pairs of polarities on which holds the main game of duality of the rests other problems of life, we find it in the process of the session, and each has its own. it is impossible to find with the mind or suppose, it can only be experienced and felt. someone, sensually, will have the same polarities, but people call them differently. or vice versa, someone calls them the same, but sensually it will be different polarities. this is a very deep personal experience. before we get to them, we will have to live, to take all the pop-up emotional material through 3-4 main acupuncture points, like the layers of the onion getting to the main core, having canceled it, all other problems crumble like a house of cards, because we get the main thing - insight about cause of the problem, and emotional cleansing of the problems of this life
The basic principle of Deep PEAT is that in the process of work, he does not linger on the material found from subconscious mind (as classical psychotherapy does), but digs "deep" and takes out a charge that is even deeper. And so - until finding the deepest roots of the problem - a pair of polarities.
we tune in to serious internal changes, serious internal work, often without crying all pain and being afraid of everything that’s stuck inside — we not getting to the polarities.
- if you don’t breathe it all there on acupuncture points, it may surface afterwards. before and during the session you need to drink a lot of water. Cause with emotional cleansing and cleansing of the main meridian, we start the elimination of toxins in the body. to get to the polarities it doesn’t matter what problem you start with - it just needs that this problem touched you emotionally, dont take abstract problem. you can also come to simply solve some emotional problem through the fact that we get to the polarities. this is about the unconscious "swing" in our lives. for example, someone may have a love-freedom polarity. freedom becomes a minus, love is a plus and a person achieves a goal, starts a relationship. then it begins to seem to him that he has lost freedom and freedom becomes a plus pole, love is a minus and he breaks up his relations, attains freedom again, not understanding, that as long as there is this separation inside, he will not be satisfied with any of the poles, since everything that has the opposite - unreal. actually, they never separated, and going into one of them, we always take the second with us. often also polarities it’s spiritual and material, when a person does not see the holiness, spirituality of the material world, that God, heaven, the true I is always here and we don’t have to go anywhere far and high to reach it. such people usually rushing between searches of mountain peaks and hermitism to "oh I understuud that I deny matter, Im too run away from the world I must be grounded" and justify with it his “take everything from life" and vice versa. after the merger, it’s like leaving the game, leaving the matrix, and we get a pure state from which we need to take as much internal awareness as possible, and after that we already consciously act in life, although this state will pass, but there will already be an understanding of the causes of problems and mindfulness how not to repeat this. the session must be brought to the end, to the confluence, although you can be very tired in the middle or want to sleep, eat and so on. So you need to prepare in advance, get enough sleep and be full of energy, because there will be no effect if we will not reach the end, culmination. it will be a state of freedom, or enlightenment, the illusory boundaries that mind set for yourself will be washed off, you will have no boundaries, and this is similar to the state of your true self. Also, the session can end with a state of pleroma, or bliss, harmony, happiness, simply - this is if we came to just solve a problem and did not want to merge the polarity, enlightment and so on.


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