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~Creating Dreams...through the Love in Action in infinity unbounded vastness of simply Being,
spreading the light of divine fire
which is in heart of you-me~

~Tokmakova Polina G.~

I draw from 14 years old, and I did not study that anywhere, then I went to an art university, but I did not stay there long, I did not go to class, and after 2 years I went from there, because I have a completely different inner rhythm of creativity and inner approach to it.

When I paint it is like a dance of realizing the dream and inspiration in the flow of Love, it is Love in action through me~

Anyone can uncover it within themselves, by trusting that Love, that bigger, which is always already there in us, our original nature~

By my creativity I would like to inspire people to remember about the treasure that we carry in our hearts, to know him, to know Yourself, to reveal Yourself, to trust Truth inside of your Heart and stay faithful to it, and everything becomes possible ... with God within you ~

To inspire people live their lives in more joy, awareness, happiness, love and peace, in more tenderness and warmth exerted by each othe
r which is possible when we live from the True Self, manifesting sincere inner child, hearing a soul, respecting it, living from the inner strength of effective actions, effective gifts, knowing how to create paradise inside, for yourself and for others, in harmony and creative joy ~ in its own unique, because it is always important their own experience of awareness and stay in the heart

By my creativity I want to show the divinity from different sides, One Tree of One God..Heaven Tree, branches into the Supersouls, souls and bodies ..but it's still One Unified Tree. Yeshua said in his incarnation that he now the Christ ... he remembered his heavenly ancestry, that he is the representative of Christ Supersoul... but he also said that you also can do it, that you are also sons and daughters of God... many souls are the representatives of this Supersoul, representatives of the Christconsciousness... There are representatives Supersoul Buddha, Krishna-Vishnu, and two other... including the consciousness of dolphins. All 5 combined in recently born in the universe Supersoul Hrismeta. Grids of the Buddha and Krishna-Vishnu consciousness support the Christ consciousness on the planet, their ethereal temples maintain temples of the Holy Spirit and Christ consciousness lattice and grids of's all the one divine organism, an extension of which all of us are .. it does not matter from which religion to approach God or out of religion.. by nature, through your own Heart.. It can be found everywhere and in everything, if we are looking inside~

~In the rhythm of the freedom..flight unconditional
On the firmament of the dream, literally manifesting
Divine traits of our celestial ancestry
With Inspiration, gently and smoothly,
With every gesture creating harmony consistently~

And with every picture and every message... I knock on the hearts of people, opening them, themselves to them ... showing a new world of themselves, their own divinity, new ways of joy and the Beauty of all existence~

And with every picture and every message... I knock on the hearts of people, opening them, themselves to them ... showing a new world of themselves, their own divinity, new ways of joy and the Beauty of all existence~

At first I didn’t wanted to sell them, I went with the originals and arranged free exhibitions, some originals are drawn for a very long time, if I do nothing other than 6 hours of painting a day, then at least 2 months without leaving your home is one painting, and sometimes it tooks 2-4 years, so as not to forget inspiration, sometimes I start one picture and leave it, so I always have about 14 started paintings, and each carries a creation of some kind of reality, I invest a lot in each and they are all working asenergy-healing portals, because the originals are generally very valuable to me and If to sell them then for a very big price only.

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~full description~

oil on canvas

~The Butterfly~
~When we stop thinking like a human and start thinking like God inside us, like Christ inside us, and insisting on this reality, this is how the caterpillar decided to stop thinking like a caterpillar, and start thinking like a butterfly until her reality begins corresponds to this. She just decided so and she simply does not believe anymore her old thoughts about herself and her old reality , she does not believe in the thoughts of regrets, pity, need, in illness. But she creates a completely new day, which Already Is. And she resurrects to her own divinity, her own Christ within, which claims only Joy and knows only Love and the purity and sanctity of matter, which is free from the mental images imposed on it by the minds. 6ts ray of resurrection of golden-orange color - and butterflies are 6. Everyone in their own cosmic ray, resurrected beings pollinate space, the cosmic flower, flower of life, spreading the nectar of their joyful life for the good of the whole, their services and gifts, their bliss of being, purity and sincerity - they are without clothes, because only when we live without the clothes of the person, we can allow our God inside to manifest and shine through us, realizing that we are always "naked" infront of Being, in true honesty to ourselves and the world, they have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide, and they live without regrets, in 100% sincerity, for they know that only being such they are the most alive. each one is working on his own cosmic ray, allowing the whole cosmos to shine with a flash of white light, uniting itself everything, out of opposites, beyond time, and each one pulls its own time-line from this white light, creating a reality for all, creating new beautiful divine dreams in unity with all existing - the white light - the essence of everything existing~


acrylic on canvas

~Victory of the Spirit~
~ Victory of Spirit is victory over all personal, it is Freedom, freedom from personal desires, but you can't relieve enything from yourself through the mind, violently, by force, you can only Love.. but Love in such way that the victory over one or another passion came naturally from the fact that the Heart opened up. of whether that moved the aspect of the wisdom of the Spirit Flames within. The strength of the inner workings of Spirit...

"If engender a sincere intent to discover your own strength in order to really help others without dividing into friends and foes/into yours and theirs, and for this purpose really clear your mind from the distresses and negative emotions, and unmistakably detect the edge of ray of Spirit (wisdom at the Heart of your essence) and one day this Ray of Spirit will gain such strength that it will be able warm and illuminate others and also help others to find their own strength. Light to Light."

Swords in the divine worlds are only for energy direction, platinum energy combine male and female, as well as spiral wrapped around a stick on top and the spirals of Diamond DNA overhead, at the top of the staff there are divine flames of Spirit-fire and symbol of Serapis Bey. Violet color is ray of spirit-freedom and righteousness, at the bottom above the violet flower of life there are wing of one bird flowing and connecting to the tail of other bird, showing the unity of the top and bottom, the wings and tail of the heavens and the earth, flight and grounding. about the same says the clouds on which she stands (heavenly earth) with silver-gold birds and violet butterflies of freedom above (more earthly above her head they symbolizes freedom manifested in the earthly manifestation)

One hundred birds under my window
Shining of gold and silver,
Fliking off by their tail
All that was superficial/alluvial in "one yourSelf"
By love manifesting Love in everything
By selfless work,
Not postponing,
Having wrapped up gently everything by own wing,
In timeless Being...
One hundred birds above my head
Shining of tender silence,
They know how to Be YourSelf
As in the crown so in the root
One Single pattern white and gold...
Of light and sound...
Like by the creeping line
Along the coastline,
Bringing flowers fragrance of the field,
Swimming with you,
In this holy water,
In the Beauty of forest...
Bottomless and simple...
By the True You~


watercolor on paper

Only in Calm peace trere are true motion
~~~~~~~the Depths~
Only in the continuity movement of the Spirit there are true peace,
~~~~~~~Through dreams~
Only by the grace of God are given any achievements,
~~we are
Only contemplation gives rise to inspiration
Only in tenderness, on the edge of moment,
~~~~~~~Give its fruits~
Only by the aspirations from small to infinite
~~~~~~~that She is You~
No matter how much movement it was made,
~~She is still here,
~~~~~~~From Her have been made all of your dreams~
Your every blink
~~is Still infinity
~~~~~~~Your Home Is Wherever you are~


oil on canvas

~Arrows of Purity~
"When the world sends you arrows of sin, send in response the arrows of Purity." Red is Love, and its active action, in its hands is a white flame of Purity from the divine lights of the Heart, and the cross of the Archangel Gabriel. Our own inner purity, beauty, righteousness and harmony is our best protection.


oil on canvas

~the Flowering~
Through the smile of wind harmony flows…
The bliss laughs on the fingertips,
After washing by the sunset you stand in clothes woven from the sun,
Through the velvet of the water
Dissolving into the slowness of Eternal Love,
Fluttering into the interstellar glow…
Through the all times… baring "now"… by the delicate pink light…
To the shine of the gold having given all secrets,
The eyes are open…and eternal summer shines in them~…
Through each light quantum…Love…by the warm solar wind
Soaring in the hair, feedest them with the light to the tips
And you go…float…soar…in the unified immovable Heavens…
Unhurried bliss froze on the lips,
The smile of quiet joy shining on eyes…

Staying to listen more closely
A heartbeat of the universe… you also breathe them~…
Frozen in the eternal movement of light…
I AM…all that…all that is…this and that…
This sky…and the birds with the dawn…
Such a simple…and all the value in that…Your Existence clothed in to the Light of God~…warmed by the Love of all Life~
Let yourself to just Be…YourSelf…Never ask for permission to do so…To be All that you Are, and the Creator will blossom by the bright flowering,
In the One radiance eternal light,…that I AM…thou you remember about that?~*;)

~All One Life…Is Being in this harmony…
Of a quiet song of the bliss…that always barely audible on the tips of this second has sung~
Through all the that we see outside and inside,
Sings this joy by the shining of a dawn..
By the gentle trembling of heart from the depths,
From the very center that shines in the chest, your sun is rising inside…
Take a look… the dewdrop
Barely touching the dawn...the bliss laughs…
And in eternal motion…you stand in clothes woven from the sun…*)

Through this painting I wanted to show how it is important for us often communicate with Nature, physically be to her.. All Nature is in a state of divine consciousness, and if people sometimes forgets about their nature of Love, She always remember that She all is Love... and she is in a constantly Self-Giving.. She carries in itself pure codes, pure setting the Divinity. And when we comes to her as to a whole new world, as to the unknown God, then She begins to open herself to us and we realize.. that she is what we really are.. that we are Indeed and that sky and the movement of wind, softly embracing with Love and these clouds and the sun...

We are swimming since ~april to ~november, as soon as air will get warm... and you dive with a head to this tender water, go out... and the wind creates a layer around the body like a costume, embracing an invisible velvet... everything here is filled with such love... such tenderness...and in the spring all nature is reborn in a white fire of purity and ascension, refreshing herself.. swimming at the spring we attune to the rhythms of nature for the entire year, and swimming at the summer we impregnated with her tender flowering ..and you realize that the flowering of nature is a flowering of our divine heart... and Nature are always remember about it, and in gratitude inspired to bloom even greater...

Above her head the universe, in her skirt the sunset sky and the sun and the constellations...of the same colors as and the universe above her head...of all colors of rainbow, carrying harmony and balance of all seven divine rays by the awakened consciousness... as above so below, in the unity the here and now, and the sun and the sky within us...We woven from stars and the same electron that within our body is the same electron from which made the constellations and the Milky Way... in quantum fields there is no time and space, everything inside everything... and the mood of nature(weather) is indeed our mood..when we are in our our truthfulness...

From her hands come flows of giving-acceptance, because we can accept exactly so much as we can to present(give). This is the one single flow, and it happens both at the same time. She gives in harmony of the heavenly and earthly, blue and green streams. True happiness is in giving, but it is always an exchange of gifts, the more we give the more we receive gifts, in order that we could continue to present them for all even more... and this flow is infinite as well as infinite the abundance of the universe. In the higher dimensions everyone lives in a self-giving for the benefit of all, and in the joy only from the fact that their gifts have been received, and they gratitude for that. Abundance creates when we have noticed it, and have multiplied it so. It creates by the Faith in the greatest gifts of Life, becoming their extension in flowering.. God has no other hands on earth, except ours...

We blooms just by making internal choice to bloom... just by wanting to do so in the depths, it is such a decision for whose sake you are giving to God all of your problems, and what you used to seem important, for you can to consider the small circuitsaccent in the depths of the moment and outside of it(out of time). When the bliss of Being in the the same rhythm with nature and with God which I AM in all beings, becomes more important and focusing of attention is directed to the... Flowering...

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acrylic on canvas

~Cherishing the Dream~
~in the vastness of quantum fields ..there..from which creates the Light of throughout the universe..are cherishing the dreams of people..your dream is Alive…you only remember about it~

Through this picture I wanted to explain our divinity and through quantum physics. And again it is not somewhere high and far away, but it is right here... the electrons inside of us are responsible for the light body of the 5th dimension, protons, quarks - light body for 6th.. fermions, bosons and etc. - 7th and higher, and so on... the whole universe is within us.. everything inside of us and we are in everything, and each of us is all.. one single "inside", where everything happen...

There are an angel of our True Self, in the vastness of quantum fields, which are in fact everywhere, inside of all... there are no space and time, and particles do not moves, but instantly jumps from one state to another, from the explicit to an implicit order, and vice versa, in the same way we also within us can create our own circumstances, change them through a quantum changing the internal state from one to another,... Scientists have long been proved that the observer affects the behavior of the electron, and an angel embraces a ball with his dream, as well as she embraces the entire globe with Love. Heart on her forehead symbolizes that her mind became mind of the Heart, have being activated the quantum frequency of the brain, and she creates in a purity of thoughts, in attunement with the divine laws and the Divine Will, seeing themselves as one with it. Only in this way, after many checks and chellenges are nurting the power of the divine Heart and Responsibility of Love with which we can consciously co-create for the benefit of all~
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oil on canvas

~ barefoot through the clouds ~
~barefoot through the clouds...on the divine worlds, golden beaches, with angels on each side...flying here and there, bringing gifts to winds, to sit on roof of the world in the morning~

This painting depicts one of the divine worlds in the aspectics of Krishna-Vishnu and Buddha-consciousness, golden energy of enlightenment surrounds with bliss and serenity of just Being, when still staying in the world we are living not from this world, perceiving events from the clouds of bliss of Being itself, the joy of being in the awareness of the Divinity of all...
The bottom part of the picture more airy and thin-material than the top, at the bottom, where there should be the earth, instead of it they have clouds, they walk barefoot on the clouds, they found their footing in the heavens inside (in the kingdom of God within), and that which is higher, the golden city itself, walls, temples... they are more dense... as a symbol of the fact that exactly at the bottom, in the material world you need to understand and experience God... that this world is so holy, God is so manifested here that it is possible to even touch : ) ..because everything is made from Him...The souls seeking to come namely here for it... and not to the heavens...and the stairs as a symbol of rising to this realization...
This picture symbolizes the consciousness God-Man-Angel, which is born when we unite and reveal in us our divine qualities, remembering our divinity and realize our divine potential~


pencil on canvas

~Anandamayi Ma~
Indian saint Anandamayi Ma


oil on canvas

~the flowering of the Christ Consciousness ~
Rose on the stalk is a symbol of of the Christ consciousness (as the lotus symbol of Buddha consciousness). This rose blooms in our hearts when we begin to manifest our own divinity, to open our Divine Heart, and live according its Truths in the responsibility of Love, seeing all the reasons within.. All that you see is within you.. all I see is within me.. and it's the same one "within"..within which everything happens.. living according the divine laws of Love and SelfGiving our path fills by the true joy and true happiness~


oil on canvas

~ Violet Flame temple ~
Here, I have represented the Temple of the Violet Flame in the fifth dimension, Flame of Freedom from illusions, of Righteousness, Alchemy of the Spirit and transformation, to give everyone the possibility of such purification and liberation, that everyone has the opportunity to purify from the burden of his past and to create Heaven on Earth, remembering their original purity and divinity of all.~
Ascended Master Saint Germain and Portia, Archangel Zadkiel and Ametista serve on this ray.

"The Violet Flame is a combination of the blue and pink rays; it is not one ray by itself, but a combination of blue for power and pink for love, uniting the energies of the divine masculine with the divine feminine through the action of spiritual alchemy. The primary role of the Violet Flame is transmutation, an alchemical term meaning to create positive change. For example, by invoking and working with the Violet Flame you can transmute karma or misqualified energy from this or past lifetimes into pure positive energy. As you lovingly invoke, with intention, the attributes of the Violet Fire, the energy is transmuted. You never have to deal with it anymore in your present life because these energies have been erased and forgiven into love and joy. As you work with this energy with the love and fires of your heart, the Violet Consuming Flame dissipates and dissolves unbalanced energies in your subtle bodies. It can heal the many conditions in your lives needing re-alignment.
transmutation, an alchemical term meaning to create positive change. For example, by invoking and working with the Violet Flame you can transmute karma or misqualified energy from this or past lifetimes into pure positive energy. As you lovingly invoke, with intention, the attributes of the Violet Fire, the energy is transmuted. You never have to deal with it anymore in your present life because these energies have been erased and forgiven into love and joy. As you work with this energy with the love and fires of your heart, the Violet Consuming Flame dissipates and dissolves unbalanced energies in your subtle bodies. It can heal the many conditions in your lives needing re-alignment.
Other attributes of the Violet Flame include the energies of comfort, of diplomacy and of ceremonies. These are all Seventh Ray activities. Whenever you create comfort, no matter what form it takes, you engage in a Seventh Ray activity. We also call the Violet Flame the Freedom Love Flame. What kind of freedom are we talking about? We speak of spiritual freedom. When you gain spiritual freedom you become limitless and all attributes of your divinity are at your command. This is the kind of freedom you all yearn for; total freedom. The Violet Flame is a vital tool for your spiritual progress and evolution.

The Violet Flame will not “get rid of” karma. That is not its purpose. The Violet Flame will assist in balancing it as well as teach the lessons you need to learn in a more gentle way. If you resist the lessons and understanding your challenging situations teach you, the use of the Violet Flame may not bring the desired results. It cannot be misused to prevent you from the experience and gaining the wisdom that ultimately are the true meaning of karma.
There is a big difference between learning a lesson in a gentle way by heeding your inner guidance, or learning through a painful experience to receive the same understanding. Do you see the difference? The Violet Flame provides a more loving and gentle way of learning lessons with ease and grace. Lessons do not have to be as painful or difficult as most of you are experiencing at this time. Your resistance in opening yourself to higher ways creates the harshness in your lives. In fact, all the Flames and their individual attributes can assist you.

You may invoke this in your daily prayers and call on the millions of Violet Flame angels that are waiting to go to work. Send them everywhere in the world and fill the world with Violet Fire. Understand that angels are not allowed to interfere in your world unless the call comes from your plane. Send them to work; they are waiting to answer your request.

If you have a problem with someone, send waves and waves of Violet Flame to him or her. As you send waves of love, compassion, forgiveness and blessing to a situation, it becomes impossible for it to remain the same. Universal law requires resolution for whatever receives love and blessings.
The activity of blessing is also a form of transmutation, a Seventh Ray activity.
As you begin blessing all that manifests as less than divine perfection in your lives, you are transforming or transmuting situations that appear to be negative into something far more positive. You create the divine solution and the win-win situation for everyone eventually manifests, for this is what transmutation does. It creates a transformation that makes everyone a winner.

Most of you are so focused on the end result of what you want that you tend to lose sight of what you have to release in order to let go and let the God within do its perfect work. All the various flames of God contain divine intelligence and consciousness. They are aware of the bigger picture and they know what is best for you. There are guardians, literally hundreds of thousands of masters, working with each flame. Wanting it your way is like saying: “Well God, I want this, but I want it my way, even if it is ultimately not for my greatest good.” If you insist, don’t be surprised if you receive what you asked for. God always wants to give you the desires of your heart, and you may soon realize this is not what you needed. These flames bring forth the most magnificent outcomes in your life, but if you are determined to have it your way, your way will often manifest. When you are so determined to have it your own way, you may discover later that you missed something much better.

Many times it is important to let go of situations that no longer serve you. The divine solution may not always, at first, appear to be what you want, but whatever is created will always be for your spiritual advancement and will bring the best result. The Violet Flame is also known as the “miracle worker.”

Master Saint Germain is and has been for eons of time the guardian of the Violet Flame.
All other masters honor him greatly for the service he has rendered humanity by maintaining the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is one of the most important flames for redemption, transmutation and freedom. It is like a fire of love that cleanses. Saint Germain said once that if he were to talk about the Violet Flame for a whole month, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he could not cover all its benefits."


oil on canvas

~AveMaria ~ the power of Prayer~
By this picture I wanted to show the power of prayer, how important is our sincere prayer, in love and responsibility for our own inner state, from which any external situation occur. How we can to prevent negative probabilities by changing of our internal state, through our inner Divinity, by allowing God to cleanse what is happening within us and causes any external problems....
Our inner sun lights up in us, and the rose petals of our Christ Consciousness begins to strew around, smelling all the space around embracing with love and light all probabilities... embracing by grace each day that we start with a prayer...

~"You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can avert war and suspend the laws of nature."MARY TO THE MEDJUGORJE SEERS. She says: "I live with the Fátima prophecy. I live with its message. And I go from door to door and heart to heart knocking, asking for those who will come and pray with me—pray the violet flame or the rosary or the calls to Archangel Michael. But above all, pray. For by thy prayer is the open door extended, and the angels come stepping through the veil to prevent disaster and calamity."

"Your consciousness is a priceless carpet; every day you weave on it or the motive of the Spirit, which will remain forever, or sloppy pattern that will need to be carefully re-dissolve and weave again on a plan of Heaven." Serapis Bay


oil on canvas

~ You can... ~
Here depicted Yeshua, give a helping hand, Christ consciousness, Rising up, Support of Light. The meaning of true support...The divine in me welcomes the Divine in you...I believe you can do it, I believe in you.. (faith in Russian can be read as knowledge of original light. I believe in you=I know you in the original light, of I know original Light in you, the same light that I have known in myself..."what I did you also can do."


oil on canvas

~Eternal. the Bliss of sincerity~
~..when we are in harmony with Ourselves...when we allow our essence to just Be..then the true sincerity is born, emanating from the spontaneity of Being..with honesty born inner purity, our flow becomes clean and whole our being attunes with the rhythm of our One Heart...everything becomes a single stream of the Heart, and what comes out of the head, thoughts... and what comes out of the mouth, speech... and what comes out of the hands, actions... our whole being and all it's expressions becomes a single flow of the Heart, a perfect unified symphony of hearts, where our true being expresses itself in its infinity of love~ ~When our flow is pure and we become One Whole in our expression, the Bliss of Being is born, celebrating and glorifying the divinity of all manifestations of life, revealing the depth of each moment of eternity “now”..and in the limitlessness thinking in this simple Being this eternity blooms and manifests in us, more and more by itself here and now~

~true sincerity is always first towards oneself, to your true essence, to your inner child ~ ~ sincerity between 2 persons possible harmonious and appears when there is no requirement when we do not want anything from each other, except perhaps that to just be, to bloom near~ then it is natural and harmonious and it is simply a consequence of this space Being~

~When our flow pure and we become a single whole in our expression, the Bliss of Being is born, celebrating and glorifying the divinity of of all manifestations of life, revealing the depth of each moment of eternity "now".. and in this limitlessness thinking in this 'Just Being' this eternity blossoms and manifests itself within us..More and more by Themselves Here and now~

Here also shown white lily symbolizes purity and ascension. Behind her the flaming fire of her divine wings, which means that she opened her divine qualities, and feathers on her body means conversion and her physical body also in the angelic and immortal by the power of limitless thinking of the Divine Heart~


oil on canvas

~Freedom of Love~
~two wings of one bird,
there is no boundaries between them,
The Light of One Heart flows through them,
by Love that concealed in the heart,
for a common dream, by the being of the beauty
in a one stream of flight freely flows
Love..dissolving what dreaming
by the one motion of the Purity
the Freedom of Being..
it is all the qualities of One Love
so tenderly Loving Itself~

you are free to be free..simply to be..

at first, the story of this painting begins with two temples of the Spirit, among which I drew a flow of giving, but often in happens in the process of drawing, a lot has been changed in process of awareness and as a result it has turned out this bird... for true freedom of love is not two separate, albeit holistic temple or a bird ... bestowing love each other, thereby creating a division between the receiving and receives, and vice versa... True freedom of love is realizing themselves as a wings of One bird. This happens when each lives in tune of the perfect will of God, the will of the One within, and Is a perfect expression of what they are Above, where we are all one, where the benefit of one is the benefit of the Whole, because each in tune with their True Nature, and lives for the benefit of All (=themselves True I)...


oil on canvas

~ One. ~
True I and Materiality has always been one. and lotus in her crown.. where in purity the golden flame of wisdom / unmanifested Spirit / Divine Masculine.. and lotus in her root.. where the white flame of Purity / Divine Feminine / manifested ma-tter.. Both in its basis has One white flame of the Spirit.. they have always been one.. I painted this picture in the mornings, in the dawn hours, when that blue color was in front of my eyes every morning.. like the blue fire spiritualization of matter, of merging with Nature in its original purity. Together with white flame they depicted in the lotus of her root, symbolizing the fact that she realized holiness of all life and the original spirituality of all that manifested... she saw God in everything that exists...and the sky..colored by the Heart Flames, as well as her hair, symbolize it. There are shooting stars in the sky as a symbol of the fact that outside stars can fall as much as they want, but her inner stars burn unquenchable, and the main star in the heart, it lights up first, then the rest of it. On her head she had a wreath of roses. Roses are the symbol of the Christ consciousness. She is naked, as a symbol of her internal nakedness in front of herself because such it is possible only when we live in honesty and sincerity.


watercolor on paper

//sketches/~Let's Hug...~
in each embrace there's so many…one embrace is more important than thousand words, …Once I remembered my dream…that all the people on the earth for a few minutes just have forgotten all their troubles and just have embraced each other…Since then I like to to organize Free Hugs, to go out and just walk and hug people, and during one of these hugs I saw that with hugs of the people the whole worlds and galaxies are hugging..
because the whole universe iin each of us... It inspired me so that I came and drew this picture. In the center galaxies combined in a heart shape, recalling about our unity and to symbolize that it is always in our One Heart~


watercolor on paper

//sketches/~Angel of Love~
Each of us has this Angel inside..we all are The original Light~it is reborn with the rebirth of our original Dream ~the flames of God are shining in the heart of everyone …those divine qualities, the most important of which is love that permeates all things, qualities that we have come to manifest, they appear when we are faithful to our own truth, our original essence, and when we live so, every moment of life is filled with the greatest but quiet joy, because then we are living in harmony with ourselves~ And from all the ways, we choose the path of the Heart, from all the roads we choose the way Joy, for only in this way the deepest inner knowledge blooms in us and begins to flow out by the scent of bliss of being, then our love and its giving becomes a natural process, unconditional, comes from the simple joy of being, as well as bloom and the fragrance of a flower, fruits of the tree, as well as overflowing by abundance clouds spill by rain~
In her heart are burning divine lights of the Holy Spirit, God Flames, of all seven rays of Christhood, united in a white iridescent flame that she carries in her hands, giving it to the world. Her body becomes the embodiment of the lights of her heart, and the dove of the Holy Spirit begins to carry her through life on the wings of bliss, leading the best ways~

«Любовь – не слово. Это основа всего, сила, вибрация, движение. Это Жизнь. Любовь это самый бесценный элемент и вибрация, которая присутствует во всем и везде, неистощимая жизненная сила. Это золотая колесница, которая не знает преград ни во времени, ни в пространстве. Любовь – это чистая субстанция Света, творящая все и вся. Это объединяющая сила, которая удерживает все вместе. Любовь просто присутствует везде. Достаточно немного любви, чтобы излечить и преобразовать любую боль или проблему. Как не существует никаких барьеров между земным человеком и Его Великим Космическим Я, так нет его между любовью земной и Любовью Христа. Есть только разница в степени ее глубины и мощности. Это земная любовь, умноженная несколько миллионов раз.
Некоторые люди считают любовь проявлением слабости. Определенно, любовь – не слабость, а огромная сила. Любовь – самый важный атрибут Бога, который вы можете культивировать и развивать. С Любовью можно вынести все испытания, обладать всем, чем желаешь, и добиться успеха во всех начинаниях. Любовь – это та неизменная сила, что дает энергию жизни и гармонии. Она лечит мягкими объятиями все раны и обволакивает каждое сердце. Когда человек развивает в себе этот великий Божественный дар, он получает силу создавать и нести в мир все то, что узрел его очищенный духовный взор.
Для тех, кто познал огонь любви, страх более не существует. Ваше Высшее Я имеет способность мгновенно преобразовывать огромные объемы человеческого негатива в чистую Любовь и Свет. Когда овладение этим великим даром Любви станет вашей главной целью и мечтой жизни, когда это станет сжигающей страстью, достижение которой невозможно более откладывать, вот тогда он вам станет доступным. Когда человек становится восприимчивым к энергии Любви, вокруг него создается «стена сияющей любви», и ничто, кроме чистый любви, не может его коснуться.
Для тех, кто достигает этой стадии, широко открывается реальность Света, и вся ваша мощь вновь становится доступна вам. Красота, молодость, жизнерадостность во всем своем божественном совершенстве, неограниченная сила и богатство, все знание Разума Бога и все духовные атрибуты, восстановленные в полном объеме, станут подарками совершенной Любви.
Молитесь Богу и Вашему Высшему Я со всей энергией вашего сердца, чтобы открыть себя этой божественной Христовой Любви. Позвольте любви звучать в вашем сердце песней обожания и благодарности. Позвольте вашему сердцу раскрываться с этой песней всеобъемлющей радости и признательности, и тогда эта великая любовь станет вашей. Где бы вы ни были, вся сила и богатство высших планов будут доступны вам, на Земле и на Небе, всегда и везде.
Эти небесные сокровища, эти божественные дары, которые человек в себе раскрывает, даны ему Богом изначально и дремлют до поры внутри его Высшего Я, таятся внутри его Божественного Сердца, являются основой его божественности. Бог хранит эти дары и эту силу для всех вас, это ЕГО план вашего полного восстановления, как божественных сущностей, вы исполняете, и ОН ждет терпеливо, когда вы сможете эти дары принять.»
"…when the wings of a dove lifts him up, his freedom manifests itself in his Being, and not in what he does or approves…"~Paul the Venetian


oil on canvas

our inner child ... who is always within us ... for everyone remembered their original innocence, which nothing can spoil, because it is the immaculate concept, the original purity, it is beyond the dual categories and therefore it can not be disturbed by anything, it is always there...


oil on canvas

~Trust your own truth~
confidence to your true nature, to your own Truth~From this confidence are born True Faith, True Hope, and True Love~And True Confidence comes from the Oneness of I AM Presence, from the Unity of Yourself with Yourself in everything, and the freedom to be yourself with everything~
Only by respecting your own truth, you can to honor the others~and still, your Truth it is not representations of the mind about how everything should be, how you want, how it is necessary or correctly..Your truth is simply your *as it is*, your isness, the naturalness of your Being in a whisper feelings of the heart, in a whisper feelings of the heart, The essence of your expressions, it does not contradict anything and never separated from all truths~

White ice on which she sits symbolize pure beatific fertile basis, pure material (maternal) light, clean and primordial the sanctity of the whole matter. The surface of the ice is a pure mirror reflecting us, as well as matter, having in it's basic the pure flame of the Spirit, which reflects and returns to us the images that we send to Her. Life (God) loves us so much, that allows us to distort himself in any way, according to our dreams, and becomes the any truth, which human in his free will wish to see Her. Life becomes for to us such as we want to see her, but it its core it is a pure white flame of the Spirit... Archangel Gabriel, Mother Mary and all who serve in the White ray, carrying this frequency of fertile foundation of the original joy and holiness of all life.

Her clothes color of the sky symbolize the fact that We ARE Indeed the Heaven manifested on the Earth. The Celestial Temple around her, these are the temples of the Spirit that we are bringing here, they shining and manifestind here when we live in accordance with our Truthes of the Divine Heart, when we live in the Spirit. Above her head is depicted a dove of the Holy Spirit. The White flower of Purity, blooming in our temples of the Spirit, it comes down to the Earth by its flowering and gives its fruits to the world, blossoming by exactly the same flower on the earth, symbolizing that every aspect of earthly life intended to be the perfect expression of our spiritual life, our divine plan, for they are inseparable, just as the dream and its realization... the dream and the material from which we embody it. I AM here below all that I am above, that in the manifest, it is always is creating in the image of the unmanifested, as above so below, one and the same flower of purity blooms as in heaven so on earth. But to bloom he must stop looking for something external, everything has already laid by the Nature inside of us. Need to trust yourself, your own Truth, and to express it by the your simply Being, by the flowering of your own Nature, your Heart Truths~


watercolor on paper

//sketches/~heavenly breakfast~
It depicts the Archangel Gabriel and his symbol of a white lily and Ramtha, they both serve on the white ray of ascension, and here shown their "morning" to convey their way of life and the atmosphere of the heavenly breakfast, everywhere is full of life, and this life is all divine ~ all places full of life and this life is always divine ~


oil on canvas

~Akiane Kramarik~
Akiane Kramarik. She inspired me many times, and I decided to paint her portrait~


oil on canvas

~beginning of the Golden Age~
~…The ocean can not be comprehended by swimming in the river..
So many rivers of lives merged into a one single point..
for traveling light again..
Everything bathed by Love to the depths...
You've always been worthy...
the only one choice...
The distance of thought, just attitude...
Become indeed God...totally yourself..the whole depth of Love,
Comprehensive essence of I AM…all That Is..
Unified movement of eternity..
beauty..that spilled everywhere…
dancing dance dream..
Not budging, but always Yourself..
shimmering instantly by the one and the same Yourself..LOVE..
you've been always Love…
just open the door to the heart..
And stubbornly go to the dream
All spaces of eternity lighting up by yourSelf~

Here shown deep purification and initiation in the ethereal underwater golden temples, surrounded by mermaids and seahorses, Poseidon at unicorns... marine mammals, orcas, dolphins, whales... they carry the very pure vibration with their voices, they surround her and by the swirl they are are shaking all the old energies, disconnecting from her all the old matrix, all the levels and layers of past lives and the old energies, after which she is surrounded by a cocoon of golden energy and rises up to her Monad, her higher self. After which we rising "above the game" of the society and begin to live in the world but not from this world, staying uninvolved, watching the events from the clouds of bliss Being~

The ocean as a symbol of of our limitless infinite true self, at the same time water is a symbol of emotions and underwater worlds symbol of purification of the subconscious, but even at the bottom of the ocean, we find lights of divinity... noticing this we can push off from the bottom of this and soar anywhere in our Ocean of our infinite essence, in the joy of of co-creation, when our Joy creats even more Joy~

And through this painting I want to give the opportunity of such purification to anyone who wish to align with these energies~


oil on canvas

~I AM Resurrection and the Life~
It depicts the resurrection of Jesus, golden-orange resurrection energy, which are also the sixth ray of peace and service, above him the dove of the Holy Spirit~ Indeed Christ is risen in our Heart ~ for in each heart resurrected Christ consciousness ~

Resurrection ... is the consciousness of Life ..Consciousness of Life is Life in its heart truth.. The truth of his is understanding of what should we ever sacrifice the truth for the sake of the pleasures of life - and we already possible to consider dead.. Jesus understood that and he always risked everything for the truth of his faith .. he offered to save a life if he refuses to his faith. They offered him to save a life if he refuses to his faith..but he risked everything and showed us by his example that at very that moment, when instead the consciousness of survival we choose the Truth of our Spirit, at this very moment we Are Truly the Most Alive.

Creation.. first of all we are creating by our deepest truth within our Being, by our faith, by that we believe in, and which becomes our truth, by those who we are every moment of Eternity, which inner qualities we nurtured in ourselves in the Spirit... but there are also keys of creation by the word, which works when we become a Holistic/Whole in our Being, when all our thoughts become a single Whole of Love... Jesus said.. "I AM the Resurrection and Life".. and he created it in his experience, we all can co-create, if our intentions are pure and in alignment with the Divine Heart~

"Decrees are based on a system of positive affirmations that use the name of God “I AM,” or “I AM THAT I AM,” to access spiritual power. When God revealed his name I AM THAT I AM to Moses, he said, “This is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.” The Jerusalem Bible translates this passage as “This is my name for all time; by this name I shall be invoked for all generations to come.” Here God is directing us to use his name to invoke his intercession. I AM is more than a sacred name. It is an empowerment. It is a scientific formula. When you recite God’s name with faith and love, God releases his energy as a stupendous waterfall of light to heal mind and body, heart and soul.

 What does “I AM THAT I AM” mean? To me it means simply but profoundly “as above, so below.” God is affirming, “I am here below that which I AM above.” When you say, “I AM THAT I AM,” you are affirming that God is where you are. In effect, you are saying: “As God is in heaven, so God is on earth within me. Right where I stand, God is. I am that ‘I AM.’” Jesus himself used the power of God’s name “I AM” when he made statements like “I AM [i.e., God in me is] the resurrection and the life,” “I AM the light of the world,” “I AM come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly,” and “I AM the way, the truth and the life.”

 You too can use the name of God “I AM” to create short, powerful affirmations. They are powerful because every time you say, “I AM...,” you are really saying, “God in me is....” And whatever you affirm following the words “I AM” will become a reality in your world. This is why Saint Germain has given us his mantra for the Aquarian age: I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!, which means “God in me is a being of violet fire! God in me is the purity God desires!” When you make an affirmation like this, the light of God flowing through you will obey that command."~Prоfhet's


watercolor on paper

//sketches/~Harmony of Life~
It depicts the Flower of Life as a symbol of healed, renewed in Love DNA, holistic, abides in the pure consciousness of Love, Seeing God in itself and within all Life, in the Heart of every particle of Life ~

In this picture it is shown through the sacred geometry~


watercolor on paper

//sketches/~Crystal World~
Here shown the process of healing the DNA. On either side the spiral DNA strands are immersed into crystalline energy of clarity, love, acceptance and awareness. The process of healing any pain, through the realization that it is (as well as any emotion) is just a brushstroke painted on the canvas of our lives. She realizes that this brushstroke differs nothing from the rest of the strokes of emotions and reactions. It is the same way just Is. And only because of either Is, it's already immensely loved by Life, which Is this common "I AM"... the deepest acceptance already done. in this space of allowing everuthing to just Be we are healing. In this space of the crystalline energy of clear awareness We see also the true reason we have created a particular stroke in our life, we cease to identify with our strokes, with our creations, canvas, brushes, paints. We remember the Artist and we remember ourSelf...
Read More about it in this article:


watercolor on paper

//sketches/~Naked Reality~
..when words doesn't have a sence..

when the silent voice of naked reality louder and more brighter than any words / descriptions / search of the reasons /.. when she is so naked, alive and trembling, just as she is, that everything that you can do with.. it's just to be.. in total acceptance of all that is in you, as well as simply and naturally there is She.
and you look directly into her eyes. and this meeting makes you naked. and you're just like her, naked, sincere, true, transparent, clear and clean. this meeting could have occurred only this way. and you realize that you have always been woven from her. She is you. You have always been One with her. naked Light of the universe.
People in the picture depicted naked to show their inner nakedness to themselves, in a ruthless honesty and sincerity at every moment, so that they reach the required purity inside to see the unity of all... they look straight in to the eyes of reality and realize that they look at themselves ... Truthfulness.. where Everything is a continuation of total, everything is an extension of each other...Her hair is a continuation of the mountains and valleys...the girl's legs and hair is a continuation of Her hair, as well as other figures are an extension Her.. everything woven from a pure white light of the True reality of God...everyone in this picture see it through... the silence within.. everyone in this picture are what they Are..the true self~~


pencil on paper

~i love you~
in that portrait there is simplicity and power of this phrase, its lightness when it faces away from the one true Being, completely naked inside and open in a 100% sincerity, to another true Being, from the one inner child to another, above the 'game', above social conditioning, above the roles..warmth and tenderness lightness and sincerity.. it happens when we're talking not from the masks of personalities, but from our Being.. then everything allowed to be..all truths...Then when you answer every question you answer is not known clearly correct answer, but right at this moment you do not know at first, and speak honestly about it..-"Let's see..maybe it's like that, because I've got this and that inside.. take a look together" if you are together move apart bush branches to admire a flower in the meadow..of your inner temple..And right in that moment to see him. About him it was impossible to find out beforehand. About him it was impossible to know through masks, only through the Being.. through Being together in Being.. and that is the true sincerity and true relationship of True beings.. then it is so simple... I love you...


watercolor on paper

//sketches/~the Eyes of Eternity~
The eyes of eternity watching through each eyes ... there is no place where there is no infinite, otherwise it would not be infinite... everything is a part/an extension of it. "True I" did not need to achieve.. do not need to go somewhere for it, it is not somewhere far and high, It is right here right now right there and always has been...
and body, and all there is... everything IS this infinite.. "without God was not anything made that was made"... even the ego and illusion is also part of this totality .. everything is already here ... we need only notice...God, who is present in everything that exists... and eternity watching through each eyes


watercolor on paper

~the whole universe is in Your Heart~
It depicted the resurrection, or rather remembering of our original divinity when we begin to see by the heart. To See.. that I AM all.. that Everything in us and we are in all..the whole universe is within us, in our heart.. and it is the One Heart of God. From the heart we see that inside of each eyes are infinite universes, one single "I AM", embracing all with Love~

~«As vast as the world around - the tiny space inside the heart: therein - heaven and earth, fire and air, sun and moon, lightning and the constellations, all that you possess here below, and everything that can not be your possession... is gathered in that tiny space within your heart». Chandogya Upanishad~


pencil on paper

//my first drawings/~15 years old~
~When I started to paint I have never before studied this, it was just the process of disclosure of what was inside, external can not give it, it's like radio, to tune a wave of your inner peace does not help retrain receiver its repair or relocation.. But when the wave well-tuned then it seems that the receiver and a place are all right, you realize thatit generally can be any... that very true, we are looking for, it is ourselves..:) A True is always present in everything, in every moment of life.. life filled with the bliss of life, the love that it is, Life is filled with the bliss of being, the Love that it IS, but to see it and feel, you just need to be attuned to this wave of harmony of all things with itself ~
Everything is already in us, you just need to be yourself tailwind speeding up your thought


Inspiration of the moment


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