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Greeting who coming to this page, I salute God in you♡

This site is just Is :) as well as just Is the fragrance of flower at the time of its flowering, as well as just Is flight of a bird in the sky, as Is the light of the sun, as Is the children's laughter or well as you and the moments in eternity, I AM lovingly embracing oneself~

It was created as a space of Love, Harmony, rest, Peace, Inspiration and co-creating, where we allow ourselves to just be...and this Being begins to bloom... There are the different expressions of my art, which are born in moments like ripen on the tree fruit, when something just took shape, created and ready to manifest~ and Love overflows this tree in co-creation giving~ for someone, perhaps, these fruits can be useful, and they can serve them as a source of abundance and love of the universe, which need exactly at the moment, the Universe, which through every manifestation of life care about us in different ways~, so, that's why this tree grows on such a place in the wilds of the Internet~ :) but the goal of flowering tree is to bloom, it just is, and in this simple Being all are one with everything in a single stream of Life and Joy of the Creator ~ everything is embraced by Love, everything valuable and worthy as it is ~ in all aspects and forms of Life there is Primal Holiness which is always right here..seeing the light of all universes in all heavens, in the eyes open in the morning, in sunshine, and in our Hearts, in the smallest particle, shimmering in quantum fields, in the smallest blade of grass..and in inflorescence of the stars in the sky, in the speck shining in the sunlight, and in a round dance galaxies, dancing angels in the light of the interstellar and in the beauty of a simple and the same Light of the and the same eternity by the heartbeat whispering.."I Am" ~

About me



  * I also most of the time just Am, I don’t like to be too limited by any role, identity, etc., activities change depending on the flow, I spend most of the summer time in nature, communicating with wind, water, and trees

* Artist, since the age of 14 I paint portraits without education, after I went to art school and univercity, but almost didn’t went to classes and left the university in the 3rd year, after a couple of years I began to paint in my own way again, I paint pictures with divine meaning, each one has some answer, a creation of reality for everyone. I write poetry, sometimes I arrange exhibitions,

* since 13 years old till 20  I was web designer that I learned on the Internet bymyself, at 16 I took 2nd place in the website competition for my city Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk 355 anniversary (now my time is occupied by other things, it’s a pity for the time on it, but in general I can do it - from 730$ - I’m doing the whole site from scratch, design , cutting, typesetting, css, html, setting up domains, hosting, mysql, php script attachment (but I don’t write them bymyself, I did  this my own site all alone, by myself, including translation into 2 languages) 

* I learned 2 foreign languages ​​on my own by reading books using Frank’s method translation, because it helps the 2 hemispheres of the brain to work simultaneously, after 2 years I could travel to Italy alone and write poetry in this language, grammar and vocabulary are certainly not perfect and after a long take a break needs few days to "enter" the language back

* in different spiritual practices from about 13 years old, from 16 years old I have been friends with seer people, and what I AM now is rather the result of revealing what has always been inside us, the result of inner work and more friendly meetings of spiritual work together, when we are motivated for the benefit of all - then heaven give us a level increase faster and for ourselves too, Light to Light, Gift to Gift

* In 2011, I had read every day rosaries in the evenings (prayers outside of religions) on internet radio 'transfiguration' some of them are on the record now. (radio where my seer friends arranged collective meditations),  and these were training in etheric temples, meditations on which are now laid out in vk group, which was created to raise vibrations in the city and preventing bad probabilities (

* Since 2008 - processing PEAT - merging polarities (personally studied with Zhivorad Slavinsky during his arrival with seminar in Moscow), effective in solving any emotional psychological problems, fears, resentment, depressions, etc. - solving the fundamental problem of life - the main illusion of separation, which each person has their own, their own pairs of polarities on which holds the core of duality game of  all other problems of life. We find it during the session, breathing all the pop-up material of emotions through 3-4 main acupuncture points, like the layers of onion - when we getting to the main core and canceling it -  all other problems crumble like a house of cards, because we get the main thing - insight about the cause of the problem, and emotional cleansing of the problems of this life

* since 2014, all practices of Almine (energy healing by angels, immortal mastery, rejuvenation, regeneration ceremonies, yogi of enlightenment, abundance, healing past lives experience, healing meridians) - (initiation into belvaspata was held at her retreat in Kiev about eternal youth) ~



Inspiration of the moment


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