Greeting who coming to this page, I salute God in you♡

This site is just Is :) as well as just Is the fragrance of flower at the time of its flowering, as well as just Is flight of a bird in the sky, as Is the light of the sun, as Is the children's laughter or well as you and the moments in eternity, I AM lovingly embracing oneself~

It was created as a space of Love, Harmony, rest, Peace, Inspiration and co-creating, where we allow ourselves to just be...and this Being begins to bloom... There are the different expressions of my art, which are born in moments like ripen on the tree fruit, when something just took shape, created and ready to manifest~ and Love overflows this tree in co-creation giving~ for someone, perhaps, these fruits can be useful, and they can serve them as a source of abundance and love of the universe, which need exactly at the moment, the Universe, which through every manifestation of life care about us in different ways~, so, that's why this tree grows on such a place in the wilds of the Internet~ :) but the goal of flowering tree is to bloom, it just is, and in this simple Being all are one with everything in a single stream of Life and Joy of the Creator ~ everything is embraced by Love, everything valuable and worthy as it is ~ in all aspects and forms of Life there is Primal Holiness which is always right here..seeing the light of all universes in all heavens, in the eyes open in the morning, in sunshine, and in our Hearts, in the smallest particle, shimmering in quantum fields, in the smallest blade of grass..and in inflorescence of the stars in the sky, in the speck shining in the sunlight, and in a round dance galaxies, dancing angels in the light of the interstellar and in the beauty of a simple and the same Light of the and the same eternity by the heartbeat whispering.."I Am" ~


Inspiration of the moment


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